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Company Background

PNP General trading wholesalers specialized in sourcing and marketing of various raw materials and finished products. The company has multinational clients in the industry sector such as machinery, spare parts, home appliances, and packaging materials.

The company imports directly and distribute their products in various areas all over country.

In addition PNP under Perkasa Group also produces plastic injection finished products which provide OEM one stop services.

Why PNP ?

ONE STOP Shopping

Under Perkasa group consist of manufacturers and shipping provider, PNP offers end to end service.

Unlimited Options

Provide unique range of quality items at reasonable prices.

Wide Network

Working with trusted manufacturers and vendor around the globe.

Competence Advisor

Covering presales discussion until post sales service. With reliable 3,000 employees.

Connecting product and
supply chain by streamlining
every business process.

Our Products

CROMWELL has been established for over 50 years and is a supplier of industrial tools, offering an unrivalled choice of products to all industries, professions and trades. Cromwell can support over 200.000 products.



Measuring Tools

Hand Tools

Grinding & Cutting Tools


Abrasive Supplies

Safety Equipment

Other Supplies

TRUSCO NAKAYAMA is a pro tool company that’s supports japan manufacturing. Focusing on machinery tools, online shopping, home centers, etc.



Hand & Assembly Tools

Machining Tools


Established in 1972, EISEN has been known as leading manufacturer of various gauges in Japan.






KARCHER’s most famous device is the pressure washer, though the company also offers a variety of other cleaning devices in the Home & Garden range, including the steam cleaner and window vac.

The Garden range mainly comprises watering systems, which are highly efficient and resource-conserving. Kärcher products therefore offer the right solution for any cleaning challenge.

General Trading

PNP provides all of customer’s needs, apart from the product categories listed previously. Below are some of the things we can provide :


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